Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Review

Bored of using your old shaver? Need a change in life with a fashionable accessory to make you look good? Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4 Electric Shaver has been designated as an award winning product. The 4 blades in the shaver work brilliantly to give perfect shave. You will love the double working motor of the shaver. The shaving is done with optimum precision. The blades are placed in 30 degree angle to reach every corner of the face without any difficulty. The blades work for long time and you will be surprised to see the durability of the blades.

Another stunning feature of this shaver is the wonderful performance of the motor. Linear drive is installed in the dual motor to enable 14,000 cuts in one minute. Thus, you can imagine the sharpness of the blade. Your face will look absolutely fresh after this shaving session. About 56,000 cross cutting can be done if 4 blades act together. One motor is busy cutting the hair and the other motor will rotate the head well to bring in control all the other flat lying hairs. The face will get a fresh shave without any portion left unattended. The head of the shaver will always remain busy in collecting the hairs from around.

Multi Flex pivoting head feature will also wow you. This feature helps the shaver reach out to areas that are difficult to reach like neck, chin and jaw. Your face contour will be taken care with equal precision. No stubbles will be left on the face. You will be able to go to office with a fresh and attractive look. Shaving requires least time as this shaver works fast and in very efficient manner.

Pop up trimmer is always present in the shaver to take care of the moustache, sideburns and stubbles. The shaver can be used under the water or away depending on your requirements.

The LCD display of the Panasonic ES-LA63-S  is a nice feature to keep you informed about the battery status, charge required, time when it requires cleaning and time for changing the blades for smooth shave. The 10 stage display will always help you take care of the gadget with no fail. Reminders will be offered at regular intervals when you use the shaver every day.

The Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4  shaver weighs only 200 grams. The product dimensions are 5.6 X 6.9 X 16.5 cm. The whiskers all around the face will be taken good care with this shaver. The outer foil of the shaver has Multi fit feature. The motion is triggered well to cut the hairs properly from the base without hurting the face. The results attained will always keep you satisfied. The shaver is 100% water resistant and thus can be used under water with no problem at all. Shower gel and foam can be used for the shaving. You can also go for dry shave without any pain or bruises. Simple cleaning and maintaining technique keeps the user happy. Cleaning can be completed by holding the gadget under water and let the sonic vibration on. This will help the hairs fall out keeping the shaver become fresh again.

The accompaniment of the gadget is a pouch for travel purpose, universal voltage and AC charger.

The gadget was found to work better in wet conditions. Many customers liked its efficiency during wet shaving but complained about the dry phase of shaving. The shaver is expensive but makes less noise than other brands. Some dry shavers did not feel comfortable after the shaving session. Cleaning was easy and no frequent change of cartridges is required. Thus, this saves you money. This can be given as gifts to your husbands, partners and friends for the next occasion. They will be extremely happy with this sensational gadget that will make their everyday boring shaving work feel stress free and interesting.

Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver Review

Looking for a smart shaver to make your cheeks feel happy? You can go for Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil shaver. Braun is coming up with innovative approach to make the shaver feel more acceptable among customers. The unique feature of the product is intelligent shaving with sonic technology. Your face will not be left unshaved when you use this shaver properly. Thorough shave is provided and you look extremely attractive. 10,000 vibrations in the shaver make the shave completely possible in less time. More and more hair can be collected at one go with these number of vibrations incorporated in the product. These shavers are completely manufactured under strict supervision of Braun technological experts to give optimum performance. The attractive metallic look of the shaver will blow your minds away. The LCD display panel also catches the interest of the user and he starts loving the features of the shaver while using the same. However, the bread trimmer is not as good as Philips 1150BT

The body design of Braun  790cc-4 Electric Foil shaver is ergonomic and blade block is very nicely designed to give the perfect shave and make the person look fresh after every shave. The user will also love the cordless feature as he can use it anywhere like bedroom, living room and bathroom. Convenience of using it makes it one of the favorite among the customers. Gone are the days when you get bruises and cuts after a shave and have to spend some more minutes in taking care of the wounds. Say no to all kinds of cuts and bruises and accept this wonderfully designed razor for your daily use. Check here for buyer’s review

The Braun Series 7 790cc-4 shaver is unique as it glides evenly throughout the face and reaches all the little stubbles perfectly. You need not move your face here and there for getting the perfect shave. The shaver can both be used in dry condition or under the water. You will always get close shaves. The water enters the blade block and helps it to stay clean. Cleaning is extremely easy to make your next shave perfect again.

The shaver is fully water resistant and can be washed thoroughly for hygienic aspects. The trimmer can be used in cordless mode. It lifts all the flat lying hairs perfectly with Active Lift technology. The trimmer can oscillate wonderfully to actually get control of small hairs and reach the difficult areas of the face. The look of the shaver is also very appealing. 2 years manufacture warranty is offered from the date of purchase to the user.

One can avail 50 hours of cordless shaving after charging the shaver for 1 hour. It retains the charge greatly and comes up with perfect finish. The kit of the shaver will also include a cleaning brush, travel pouch, main unit, charging cord and lubricant oil to help it work perfectly.

1 Lithium Ion battery is required for this unit to work. The product dimensions are 25.7 X 16 X 16 cm. It weighs only 1.2 kg. The LCD screen gives information about the charge status, battery life and hygiene status. This is very helpful for the user. Voltage adjustments are incorporated in the smart plug to make it available for use in all countries of the world without any issues. The long hair trimmer will always cater to sideburns, beards and moustaches and will never leave out the unpleasant portions of long hairs in the face.

The body of the shaver is fully sealed and made ready to hold under water for optimum cleaning. Your shaver is hygienically perfect at one go when you press one button. It will clean and get dried and become available for the next go.

The customer review for this product is very positive. The users are happy with the features as it saves them for rushing to the salon. The price is worth when it comes to daily usage. Cleaning feature is fast with the lubricant given in the kit. You will always love the automatic programming of the shaver like short eco, normal and intensive mode for your use. Check price at Amazon

Dell Inspiron i5559-1349SLV laptop

Dell Inspiron i5559-1349SLV laptop is a good choice among laptops if you are looking for a reasonably fast, convenient to use and affordable one with a pretty good configuration. Convenient enough for students, home user or anyone for that matter. It has a touch screen 15.6” wide, 6GB RAM and Intel core i5-6200u processor. However, the low screen resolution and small size RAM are its major drawbacks. Due to the RAM size and low screen resolution, it might not be the choice of people who are into media editing or are huge video enthusiasts! For purposes other than this, and for general computing,  this laptop is a pretty good choice. For those in the field of media editimg or 3D modelling Dell Inspiron i5559-5347 would make a decent choice. This laptop comes with 15.6”  full HD touch screen display, 12GB RAM and Intel Real Sense 3D camera. This also is a budget laptop with i5-6200u processor capacity. It has a superb resolution of 1920X1080 pixels. With processor capacity i5-6200u both these models have good performances result in carrying out general computing. It can be used for home computing as it supports casual gaming, audio and video files as well as for office purposes as it can do encoding/decoding, media editing, etc.  Model i5559-1349SLV, however, does not come with a  3D camera. It is not a work station grade laptop, hence, cannot be used for professional purposes(encoding/decoding, media editing, etc).

The advantage of Intel core i5-6200u processor is being a dual core processor(with base frequency 2.4GHz), on system demand,the frequency can boost up to 2.8GHz. It runs on very low voltage. If you are looking for a greater speed you can go for HP Pavilion i7-6700HQ touch screen laptop. This particular model has Intel core i7-6700HQ processor which runs with base frequency of 2.6GHz whereas on system demand it can boost up to 3.5GHz . Another advantage with this processor is that it has a massive cache size of 6MB while i5-6200u comes with only 3MB cache size. This results in enhanced performance  and speed as the frequently used data are stored in cache. This model comes with 8GB RAM and has full HD IPS panel. It comes with a hard drive with 1TB, 5400 rpm size. For still better results the hard drive can be replaced with Solid State Drive. Both the models of Dell – Dell Inspiron i5559-1349SLV and Dell Inspiron i5559-5347 come with backlit keyboard, a feature not present in HP Pavilion i7-6700HQ.

Dell Inspiron i5559-1349SLV comes with 6GB DDR3L dual-channel RAM installed with it. The memory size can be expanded up to 16GB. It has 1TB, 5400 rpm hard drive installed and although loaded with Windows 10, Microsoft Office full version won’t be available. Here also the hard drive can be replaced with Solid State Drive. If you want to watch content in full HD, you have to use HDMI cables and can watch it on compatible TV sets or any external displays as the 15.6” display screen in the laptop can stream content in 720 pixels but not in 1080 pixels. Apart from HDMI output, this model from Dell has one RJ 45 port, one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports and one headset(microphone/headphone combo) port as well as multi format media card reader and a standard HD webcam. Network connectivity can be used via Wireless ac and Bluetooth and 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN can be used for Wireless Network Connectivity.

There are 4 cell battery pack which provides battery backup of approximately 5 hours, though it would depend on usage also.

For those looking for a laptop for general usages as in day to day computing with some entertainment as well Dell Inspiron i5559-1349SLV is a fairly good choice. The major shortcoming of this model is its low resolution display. If your budget can be stretched a little, you can go for Dell Inspiron i5559-5347SLV which has full HD display, Intel real sense 3D camera and also has more memory.

Yamaha SRT-1500

Yamaha SRT-1500 home theater sound system is a $600 device for those who want their life’s entertainment quotient to be improved and enjoy complete digital entertainment. This device can offer surround sound and wireless music from a low profile TV profile platform. This device incorporates the digital sound projector technology, which offers the user surround sound around the room. There is realistic sound that is spread across the room and the user gets to watch the movie as there they are a part of the movie and while watching sports they get to see the whole thing like they are in the middle of the ground.  Check here for buyers’ review

Yamaha SRT-1500 offers both solid foundation and powerful sound, through the speakers powered by individual amplifier and power rating of 140 watts. There is a nothing like a home theater system that offers 5.1 channel audio with surround sound. This also offers the platform for your HDTV and it can support a maximum of 55 inches. This device is both wireless capable and thus it can connect your wireless network or your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot and you can create your home’s multicast wireless home music system. There are 12 built in speakers, 8 of them are 1 – 1/8” beam drivers, two of them are 1-1/2” X  4” front firing woofers, two more of 3 – ¼” cone subwoofers and bass reflex cabinet which is used for enhanced low frequency response.

The decoder supports both Dolby Digital and DTS decoding and thus the user gets the digital audio on the offer. There are five different audio modes available in this decoder namely, Movie, Music, Sports, Games and TV. Yamaha SRT-1500 packs a separate remote control and there is an option to change the subwoofer volume separately too. The audio decoding supports the following formats, MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, and AIFF. The wireless networking standards that are supported are 802.11 b, g and n and the frequency of transmission that is supported is 2.4 Hz. There is high resolution playback of PCM format up to 24 Hz / 192 KHz. DLNA technology is supported in this device, which allows the user to stream music from other DLNA compliant devices.

There are standard ports available in this device, 2 HDMI ports are available of which one is compatible with UHD output and other one is HDMI input which supports till full HD. There is one optical digital input port available and the optical cable is delivered along with the decoder. There is also Ethernet port available for connecting to the home network through wired connectivity. So if you have dreams of setting up a mini theatre in your home then this is the perfect device for your dreams. And you should place your order straight away for this, and Yamaha SRT-1500 works out as a great gift to your loved ones as well.

Yamaha YAS-105 Sound Bar

Yamaha YAS-105 Sound bar is offered at a price of around $200-$ 250, which is almost half the price of a home theater system. A home theatre might look magnificent and can offer the best theater like experience and can make your home look royal and majestic but then if you really consider the features that are offered by a sound bar and home theater. And what difference an end user will be able to make out of them, you will be surprised to know that for an end user it doesn’t really make a difference performance wise, at least it is not differentiable to the normal users and their ears. So if you have plans of buying an audio decoder device for your HDTV, you should consider a sound bar rather than a home theater system. Check here for buyers’ review 

Yamaha YAS-105 is ultra slim design and it easily rests on TV stand or can also be mounted on the wall. There is built in Bluetooth capability available in this sound bar which allows the user to play music from other Bluetooth compatible devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers. The built in amplifiers which are with specifications of 30 Watts for the front left and front right drivers and 60 watts for bass drivers offer enough experience to match that of a home theatre.

The beauty of Yamaha YAS-105 is that it has Android and Apple applications for smart phone and tablets, using which you can control the sound bar even without its remote control. The clear voice processing technology present in this device makes the dialogues of movies or commentary of sports crystal clear and very audible to the user immaterial of their position in the living room. The audio inputs that are supported by this sound bar are optical digital input for which the cable is provided with the sound bar and coaxial input. The sound bar also takes stereo mini jack input and it offers subwoofer output. Though this sound bar offers room filling audio you will never feel the noise pollution because it will be music that it offers and there won’t be anything like a noise and would cause you headache.

And for those who love playing games on their HDTV with XBOX or PS2 would find this sound bar as an able alley which enhances their entertainment and gaming experience. Also for those who use HDTV for advertisements and public announcements should consider this sound bar, because more than the big screen the crystal clear audio will widen the coverage range and it would deliver the message to more audience. And if you consider this as a gifting option, then even in that way this is the best gift you can give it to your loved one. So if you have plans for investing your money on a home theatre or sound bar then you should make it a wise investment by choosing Yamaha YAS-105.