Asus X550LA-RI7T27 15.6″ Touchscreen Laptop

Asus X550LA-RI7T27 Touch screen Laptop is an $ 800 laptop. This laptop is completely designed for powerful performance and speed to do all computing needs of the user. This laptop is powered by an Intel core i7-4500U processor which offers 1.8 GHz operating speed to the user. The turbo boost technology 2.0 can boost the processing speed to 3 GHz and there is 4 MB of cache memory available to the processor on the level 3 die.

There is a 8 GB of DDR3 RAM memory configured in Asus X550LA-RI7T27 which offers the best processing power to the user and there is 1 TB 5400 RPM hard drive in this laptop. The 1 TB Hard drive offers the user with unlimited space to store as many movies, media, music or anything else they want and take them along with them wherever they go. Most of the users are stuck to an external hard drive for mobility. But one can’t directly access the data present in the hard drive, but if you have a big hard drive in your laptop you can carry your data with you and also access it when ever you want. The display of Asus X550LA-RI7T27 is 15.6 inches and it has completely HD touch display to the user.

Asus X550LA-RI7T27

The touch capability allows the user to use the laptop even if they are not from a computing background. There is both wired and wireless connectivity offered to the user, thus the user can stay connected to the internet all the time. Especially for someone who is a social networking freak or a chatter box or a blogger, internet connectivity is all that matters. Also the processing speed is too high compared to other laptops thus Asus X550LA-RI7T27 can be used for engineering simulations and multimedia animations. There is 1 Mega pixel webcam present in this laptop which offers the user to stay connected to their loved ones through video chat virtually even if they are miles apart from them.

There are built in ASUS Sonic Master Stereo speakers present in this laptop, which eliminates the need for an external speaker.Using the internal speakers itself the user can get room filling audio which can give them complete entertainment when they play games, watch movies or listen to music. This laptop is preloaded with Windows 8 64 bit operating system which offers all the power that this laptop can offer to the user. The 4 cell lithium ion battery used in this laptop offers close to 3 hours of battery back up to the user. Asus X550LA-RI7T27 laptop is one of the best cost effective, powerful laptop that is in the market. If you want a powerful laptop in an affordable price then you should buy this one.

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