Emerson LF501EM4F HDTV Review

For $288 Emerson has a full HD 50 inch television which is Emerson LF501EM4F TV. This television has a screen size of 50 inches which is good for people who like to set up a home theater at home. The support for 1080p video playback at a refresh rate of 60 Hz makes viewing experience so amazing. This television can be mounted on wall or can be kept on a TV table too. But the best of the viewing can be experienced by mounting it on the wall. LED technology is used for the display which provides sharp viewing and wider viewing angle.

Emerson LF501EM4F comes with remote for easier access. The aspect ratio supported is 16: 9, which is the maximum available one is too. The maximum resolution supported is 1920 X 1080 pixels, which provides the user with a full high definition video viewing. There are three HDMI input ports that three different digital outputs can be connected to the television. There is a built in digital tuner through which the user can view the signals that are transmitted free to air, without settop box or cable connection.


Emerson LF501EM4F television is energy star certified which means it is designed to work effectively by consuming less power. Thus it contributes towards pollution less environment and a greener one too. If you buy this television along with a good High definition set-top box, a blu ray player and a home theater audio system. Your life will be enriched with high definition audio and video viewing. The entertainment will be digitalized and to its maximum. That is because the HD viewing has given a whole new dimension to watching television.

The drawbacks if it has to be mentioned is that there is no Internet connectivity, if there was one easy firmware updating and access to online videos would have been possible. But not to forget such features comes with increase in the cost of the product and the ease of access of the same is not as it is on a laptop or a computer. But lack of USB ports in Emerson LF501EM4F are a major disadvantage as the direct play from USB media device is completely out of picture. That features allows the user to watch movies from the USB media device or listen to music available in the storage device using the television thus eliminating the need of a blu ray or a DVD player. But since there are enough HDMI ports you can play the movie or music from your laptop and see the same on TV through the laptops HDMI output. Easily this is one of the best televisions taking into account the cost that is placed for it and the features that it offers.

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      They don’t have any in-built DVD player but have HDMI ports which can help you connect your laptop to the TV and watch movies.


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