Gateway SX Series SX2185-UB37 Desktop Review

Gateway has been known for making budget laptops, but what many don’t know is that they have similar desktops too. Gateway SX Series SX2185-UB37 is one of their desktop which has got awesome looks and even better performance than the looks. This performance is delivered by AMD E series processor who’s processing speed if of the order 1.4 Giga Hertz and the cache memory of this is 1 MB of the level 2 category. The RAM is configured to be 4 GB and it ensures that there is enough of space for applications and the operating system to allocate as much as memory they want.

Gateway SX Series SX2185-UB37

Like most of the mother boards in the market this one is also configured with two RAM slots each of which can support a maximum of 4 GB thus a total of 8 GB RAM can be supported by the mother board. Its better you upgrade it to the maximum as the more the memory the better the speed. The type of the RAM supported is DDR3 SDRAM, which is again the best of the available ones. The Hard disk used in Gateway SX2185-UB37 is of type SATA III which supports a maximum of 7200 RPM thus the data access rate is at the fastest possible and its capacity is 500 GB thus there is enough space for every type of users.

The graphics card used in model SX2185-UB37 is AMD Radeon HD 8240 which entry level graphics and integrated one. This ensures that the visual experience of the user is not compromised and the video memory is shared one but still manages to give equally good experience as the dedicated video memory counterparts. There is support for high definition audio with stereo support and there are standard network card through RJ 45 connector for 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN. There is a double layer DVD recordable drive for both accessing and writing DVDs. There is no direct disk labeling support in this drive, which is not a big problem as we can use markers to write on them for identification.

Gateway SX2185-UB37  comes with total of 8 USB ports 2 on front and 6 on rear. On the rear 6 ports, 2 of the USB ports are with USB 3.0 support. There is an optical mouse and multimedia keyboard that comes along with this desktop as well.  It runs on Windows 8. There are a number of software’s that comes along with the desktop and there is a HDMI output port as well. There are no inbuilt speakers in this desktop and this is ideal for people who it for personal and office use. As this is well designed it consumes only less space and it is easily portable too. All you need to buy is a high definition monitor and this will become one of your loved assets.

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