How to wear Chukka Boots

Chukka boots Trend 2013

New trends come up in the shoe industry every year, some of these are great and some of them are craps. Just like the popular Chelsea boots, the Chukka boots hover in the ankle area. But that is where the similarity stopped. Chukka boots normally come with two or three eyelets of lacing and are often available in suede. What should the Chukka boots be worn with- when, where and how can they be worn? These are some of the questions you may have come across.

How to wear Chukka Boots:

Although the leather Chukka boots for men are one of the most popular men’s boot styles now, the boots are not meant for everyone; as popular as the style is, not everyone knows how to make it work. It is the perfect style for any man who wants a pair of casual boots that pairs easily with jeans or other casual pants and who is ready to wear them rightly. The leather Chukka is the perfect choice of casual footwear for men who appreciate authentic heritage style.

The Chukkas are built to offer unmatched comfort. They have high-traction latex-rubber out soles that give cushioning effects when they are worn on uneven surfaces. There are many varieties of the leather chukka boots and they are available in a range of materials and prices. You can easily find a pair that marches your tastes. Personally, I prefer the suede chukka. The full leather chukkas can look too formal when paired with jeans, but with the built-in durable soles and rugged casual looks, the suede chukka are not just comfortable, they can also be paired with all kinds of outfits including suits.

Timberland men's heritage chukka boot

I believe one of the biggest trends in the shoe industry now is the men’s Chukka boots. The Chukka boots (aka turf boots or bucks) has made an impact this year in the men’s fashion world. If you do not know what they are then let me help you: the Chukka boots style started as part of casual dressing trend in the 1940s, and by 1950, it became popular when the iconic desert boots (a chukka boot with a crepe rubber sole), was introduced into shoe industry.

What to wear with chukka boots

Aside their versatility, one great thing about the Chukka boots is their ruggedness. A Chukka would last long if it is properly maintained. This means it will look good and be in trend for many years and could be paired with different outfits in its lifetime.

Red Wing black chukka

Whenever I am asked of what to wear with jeans, chukka always comes first to my mind. If you want casual footwear, then a sneaker is a good option. When you are ready to drop the sneakers, get a Chukka boot. It can replace your sneakers. Chukka boots with jeans can work really easily just as jeans would work with a hi-top or regular boot. You can tuck in the jeans, allow it rest on the ankle section of the boot, or you can allow it to sit on the boot.

The boot can also work in more relaxed formal outfits such as skinny trousers and chinos. You can also pair it with a polo shirt if you are looking to create an English Gentleman look. You can pair your Chukka boots with a suit (if you can pull it off) to create a true formal yet casual look. When you pair one with chinos, it will give the whole attire a casually formal look but when worn with formal pants, it gives them a less formal look.

Red wing Heritage Chukka Boot

Nothing can beat the beauty and the attraction of the Chukka boots with jeans look; it is so unique, and it has become something that more and more people have started identifying with. It is fashion resurgence that has captured everyone, from college kids to the soccer dads. It only takes a well pressed Oxford shirt and a straight-leg jeans with a single cuff that gently folds on top of the boot (so that the jeans sit on the shoe in a clean line) to pull off this look.

brown chukka boot with rubber sole

Wearing chukka boots with jeans can be really easy to pull off if you know what you are doing.If you really want to make a trend statement, get a black chukka boot with heavy stitching and pair it with jeans and leather jackets. If you think it is wrong to wear black all through the season, think again. Fashion and style do come with surprises, and black shoes/boots are always trending. The black chukka boot is a wonderful investment you can look at; it can be used as a spring and even summer wear.

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