How to Wear Pea Coat with Scarf

The pea coat 2013 trends are one of the 2013 winter coat trends. If you want to keep your body warm and still look sophisticated, the pea coat is what you need; it is a norm for the cold. Not just that, the coat can also help you define your shape. Fashion consultants advise that a fitted pea coat that stays just below the hips looks better than the long ones. The short length flatters the figure, while the longer types hide the figure.

Just as it is with other fashion trends, if you must pull off this new fashion trend, you must know what to wear with pea coat. I read a book recently about this subject and the tips given by the author got me thinking- there are so many ways you can wear the pea coat. Most people agreed that pea coat pairs effortlessly with fashionable scarf. Whether it is long or small, square or oblong, a scarf fits perfectly with pea coats. It will add color and texture to your look and can also be used to liven up an old coat. But many would disagree on how to wear pea coat with scarf.

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Option abounds when it comes to the exact way a scarf should be worn with a pea coat; some people would advise you to wrap the scarf or tie it loosely around your neck. Others would say do not tie, just drape it. With so many answers out there, I started exploring and I have come up with some tips on how to wear pea coat with scarf.

It is true, there are many ways of wearing pea coat with scarf but special care must still be given to your appearance if you want to be acceptable. The way you wear your pea coat depends on the look you want to create. It will look silly to just lay the scarf over the shoulder on a windy day.

If you want to create a neat and tidy look, you can run the scarf once round your neck and knot it in front before running the long ends inside your coat to get extra warmth. This style works better if you are using a thin scarf; with a thin scarf, you can avoid unnecessary bulkiness. Silk scarves are perfect if you want to create a formal look. You can either keep it loosely hung on the neck or tie it snugly on the collar. You can also try the Parisian style; fold the scarf in half, put the two ends through the loop formed and let the ends hang down. Of all the pea coat 2013 trends, this is my favorite. It is very stylish yet still functional.

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You do not have to think too much about what to wear with pea coat. With a fashionable scarf, you can just go on and create your style. But do not forget to button the pea coat all the way up to keep out the cold.

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