Pioneer R1 tablet – Model TBT-7R1-K

Pioneer R1 Tablet is one such tablet which has a 7 inch screen, which is the best size for a tablet which is neither big nor small. The most amazing thing about this tablet is that it is tagged with a price of only $ 89. The model number is TBT-7R1-K.

Evolution of tablets has given personal entertainment a new definition. In the last decade, laptop was the device that was the sole personal entertainment device which can also help you to take care of your official things. But in the last 5 years tablets have taken over that personal entertainment section and laptops are no more preferred for personal entertainment as they used to be. A good tablet like Pioneer R1 can help you browse internet, watch movies, listen to music, have voice, video or text chat with your friends, play games and take photos and videos. And it should not burn your finance, which is the ideal feature of a good tablet.

Pioneer TBT-7R1-K tablet has a dual core processor at its core which operates at 1.5 GHz. There is 1 GB of DDR2 SDRAM present that gives enough space for all the applications to reside and run. There is a maximum resolution support for 1024 X 600 and it supports IEEE 802.11 b/g and n standards.

Pioneer R1 tablet - Model TBT-7R1-K

The additional features list of Pioneer R1 TBT-7R1-K  include front camera with microphone for voice and video chatting. Mini HDMI port is available in the tablet. The mini HDMI port can be used for connecting the tablet output to a HD television or monitor with HDMI input support to display the movie or video present in the tablet. Thus the user can experience HD on a bigger screen and enjoy the entertainment that’s on offer. There is 8 GB of internal memory available and 5 GB of cloud memory offered through Google drive. If the user feels that this memory is not sufficient they can use a microSD card for expanding the memory. To get better performance, it is wise to choose a SD card of higher class. There is support for stereo speakers which are built into the tablet itself. The power backup is expected to be around 5 hours if used continuously after one full charging.

The software that is running on this tablet is Android 4.2.2 which is commonly known as Jelly Bean. There are various native android apps like Google chrome, Google play, Youtube and there are some customized applications like media player also. All media formats that you can think of are supported in this tablet. There is a big range of colors in which this tablet is available, so you get to chose the color as per your choice. There is one micro USB port which is for both charging and connectivity and headphone port along with earlier mentioned mini HDMI port. If you are planning to buy a tablet in the next few months, Pioneer R1 should be the ideal choice which will meet all your requirements and still keep your expenses inside your budget.

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