QUASAR SQ3200 32 inch LED HDTV

QUASAR SQ3200 is a 32 inch LED HDTV which looks ultra slim and its performance is also off the charts. The cost of this television is around $180, which is makes it very much affordable and inside anyone’s budget.

QUASAR SQ3200 supports a maximum resolution of 1366 X 768, which means it is a HD ready television and it can play only 720p HD videos. There is no support for 1080p or 1920 X 1080 resolution supports in this television. Some television brands when they quote a lesser price compromise on features but this television hasn’t compromised any of its features to cut on the cost. There is support for 178 degree viewing angle for both horizontal and vertical view plane. There can’t be a television with a better viewing angle than this one, because 178 degree is the maximum supported by any television that is sold in the market. There is digital tuner which is built into the television using which the user can watch digital broadcasts. Most of the people never get to use the built in tuner because we all buy HD settop box and whose input we feed to the television these days. There are three HDMI inputs to this television, thus three different input sources can be connected to this television any given point of time.

QUASAR SQ3200 32 inch LED HDTV

And switching between the sources are also easy, because there will be dedicated source selection button in both the remote and the front panel. QUASAR SQ3200 comes with contrast ratio is in the order of 1200 : 1 and the brightness of this television is 250 candelas per square meter. The response time of this television is 8 ms, which is almost a benchmark these days. If the response time is more you might feel like your TV is not responding to your remote key presses, but that will not happen with this television. Even before you realize you pressed the key, this television will pick it up and process the same.

QUASAR SQ3200 has a slim frame thus the screen looks bigger than other televisions of the same dimension. This comes in black color which makes it extra attractive and eye catchy along with its ultimate designs. There are no smart features via smart applications or internet connectivity as there is neither Ethernet nor wireless connectivity. But as a television this offers everything what you expect from a HD television. So thus it has its own limitations it still tops the list of must haves as it have performance like no other.

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