Sony Alpha a3000 Black 20.1MP Interchangeable Lens Camera Model:ILCE3000K/B

What do you do when you have outgrown the limited capabilities of a compact point-and-shoot camera but you are not yet willing to drag into a relatively large DSLR? You can always check out an interchangeable lens camera. These cameras offer the power and flexibility of an interchangeable-lens system, with full manual features and generally better-than-point-and-shoot performance, but without the bulk that a mirror imposes on a DSLR design. It is basically a compact camera with the image quality previously associated with DSLR complemented by an interchangeable lens system. There is no optical viewfinder in such cameras.Sony Alpha a3000 is an interchangeable lens digital SLR camera. A3000 is the smallest and lightest, mirror less camera being marketed into Sony’s Alpha line of cameras. The Sony A3000 has a body shape that reflects DSLR style. Here we are going to review about ILCE3000K/B.

Sony A3000 ILCE3000K/B has a 20.1-megapixel Exmor APS-C HD CMOS sensor and comes with a Bionz image processor. The ISO is up to 16000 for stills and 100-3200 can be used for video. Sony A3000 comes with a 3-inch screen and the 230k dot LCD is not particularly impressive. The built-in electronic viewfinder is on the small side, and provides just 0.7x image magnification, though it does offer a bright electronic viewfinder with 100-percent coverage. On the video front, the A3000 offers 1080/60i/24p (24Mbps) recording in AVCHD. It comes with built-in stereo microphones.

Sony Alpha A3000

Sony A3000 uses the E-Mount lenses that are used in Sony’s NEX cameras – the Sony NEX-6, Sony NEX-7 and the newly announced Sony NEX-5T – and not the A-Mount lenses that the rest of the Alpha models use. But it can take A- mount lenses with an adapter. So, this is an Alpha with the E-mount from the NEX series. With a weight of 21.3 oz, the body is fairly sound and provides a good grip, making it easier to get a firm hold than on Sony’s super-skinny NEX models. It also comes equipped with HDMI and USB ports.

Sony A3000 vs Panasonic G6 vs Canon Rebel T3 and Nikon D3200

Few of the other features packed inside the Sony A3000 include 15 different Picture Effect settings, Auto Object Framing, Auto HDR, Sweep Panorama and more software-based features that will help those users who may not spend as much time in the standard P, A, S or M modes otherwise. The battery power of A3000 allows taking up to 470 shots on a single charge.There are not many mirror-less cameras that come in a DSLR body. Panasonic has two – the G5 and G6. G5 is currently being phased out and G6 is priced much higher. Panasonic G6 can give a good competition to Sony A3000, but G6 will surely fair better in many ways. It may be compared with the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 and Rebel T3. From Nikon, it will be the entry level Nikon D3200. Within its own genre it will be Sony Alpha SLT-A58. With respect to the Canon T3s the trade-offs with respect to Sony a3000 would include limited continuous shooting, no 1080/30p video, a small EVF, and a low-resolution LCD. Unlike the small DSLRs like the Canon SL1, Sony’s use of the E-Mount system means smaller lenses, compared with the full-size EF-S lenses. This is better than a T3. The SL1 is relatively expensive, though it does have better specifications.

Sony A300 hits a sweet pot at its pricing. At $400 it comes bundled with an 18-55 zoom kit lens. It is an attractive price for an entry-level interchangeable lens camera, but whether it can go head-to-head against feature-rich entry-level DSLRs from Canon and Nikon is another matter. As a budget DSLR, the Sony A3000 offers a very good price, although that’s clearly reflected in the basic controls, design and build quality.

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