Swimwear for Men with Incontinence

It is extremely embarrassing and stressful for anyone with incontinence. They are afraid to go out or do any form of exercise, especially swimming. No-one wants to go swimming in fear of leakages. But with men’s incontinence swimwear that fear will vanish and confidence can be fully restored. Cornell University estimates around 25 million Americans suffer with incontinence.

Swimwear for men with incontinence has dramatically improved since those awful crinkly plastic diapers, pads and pants which appeared many years ago. Today, men’s incontinence swimwear is stylish, modern and silent (no more plastic crinkle noises).

Incontinent men no longer need to shy away; they no longer have to sit in the sweltering heat fully clothed while on vacation. Or make excuses to others why they won’t join them in the pool. You are now able to join the other millions of incontinent men to relax, be free from stress and worry, and have complete confidence in having fun and enjoyment on a new level.

For example, these waterproof swimwear shorts are perfect for all ages. They come in black, red, turquoise and navy, and cost approximately $37.62 (£23.50) from ostomartstore.co.uk. They ship worldwide so checkout their website for shipment fees.

Or do you want to lie and sunbathe to show off more of your bronzed physique? Do you prefer men’s trunk style incontinence swimwear? Below these stylish trunks are also available at the same website and cost approximately $55.24 (£34.50)

mens trunk style incontinence swimwear

Both these incontinence swimwear styles have a unique integrated pant with a snug fit around the legs and waist, giving you optimum confidence. The fabric prevents clinging when it gets wet and requires no need to wear a pad underneath. By wearing these, they will help to regain your confidence, security and peace of mind while looking good and stylish at the same time.

Incontinence Swimsuits

Above is another example of men’s trunk style incontinence swimwear from personallydelivered.com and cost $49.99. The inner layer is made from 100% cotton flannelette for your comfort, with an outer layer made from Oxford nylon for security from any stool leakages. They have elasticized legs and waist and you are able to wear any ordinary swim shorts over them if you wish to give you a different style.

As you can see, the swimwear can be stylish, modern, colorful and worry-free. No-one will ever suspect you’re incontinent. Men are now able to swim, sunbathe or potter around the garden with confidence and pride when wearing any style of swimwear for men with incontinence.

Visually there is no difference between incontinence swimwear and ordinary swimwear. They look and feel good too, especially when baggy shorts are the trend for swimming. There is definitely no need to feel out of place. You will have a more enjoyable and relaxing experience without any more worrying while having some exciting fun and exercise.

Using standard adult diapers and pads should never be used for swimming as they bloat up with water and waste may leak into the pool. Always ensure to use waterproof swimwear suitable for incontinence.




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