What to Wear with Camo Shorts

Military inspired styles have taken over today’s fashion landscape. Wherever you turn to, you will see glimpses of style that originated from the military. This influence can be seen on aviator glasses, field jackets, combat boots, cargo pants and camouflage shorts for men. They are in style in 2015.

Despite the initial reluctance by people to get into the Camo trend, camouflage shorts are back.Camouflage clothing, which usually incorporate green and black colors with shades of dark brown and some purely natural colors were originally designed for the military to hide a hard figure so that it is a bit harder to find. However things have changed and those boundaries have been lifted; it is no longer seen as clothing used just for concealing the body, it is now the backbone of street-wear.

Since the typical camouflage wearers are not trying to conceal themselves anymore so there was a need for more coloring scheme. Camo is now available in several colors, and if you know how to rock one, you can make a bold fashion statement with it. If your outfit’s color matches with camo shorts, you can stand out from a crowd!

With the advent of Blues, purples and pinks camos and with the idea of blending with the environment with all camo pattern completely gone, guys who want to look as cool and sophisticated as the ladies can now effectively pull off a fantastic camo style in the summertime. Designers have even discovered some fresh ways of using the print and it has invaded runways as a high street fashion outfit.

men's belted camo shorts

Although versatile, you must be careful when you want to rock the camo print. Contrarily to popular belief, those camo shorts do not match with everything and it is not everyone that can pull off the camo short look. With our simple guide below, we hope you find a style that works for you. But let us check the dos and don’ts of this new trend before diving into this guide on what to wear with camo shorts.

Watch the length– your camouflage short should sit just below the knee or mid-thigh. The purpose of wearing a short is defeated if they are too long.

Say no to sag– Sagging belongs to the naughty nineties. Pull those shorts up! Nobody wants to see your underwear.

Do Polo or Tees matches with camo shorts?

The question above is one of the important questions that must be addressed if you want to rock a camo short. Polo or Tees matches with camo shorts, you just have to be careful with the color. Any polo or tee shirt that will go with a pair of khakis will do just fine with a camouflage short. A camo short with plain polo and loafers would create a perfect off-duty look. However, if you wear a button down shirt make sure you roll up the sleeves and do not tuck in the waist.

Can you wear camo with camo short?

It is okay to be a bit bold with camo shorts. You can play with the prints and colour, but watch the pattern. Patterns can be easily overdone. Limit yourself to one camo print per outfit. You must always remember, it’s not Halloween and the street is not a warfare zone, do not wear camo with camo short.

Matching camo shorts with other colors

Like I said earlier, although camos are very versatile, it has its limitations when it comes to color combinations. For the traditional camo shorts in shades of green and brown, you can go for any earth tones. Brown, Green, Black, sand Colors are perfect for camo. You can also pair any faded pigment dyed color with the camo. White and tan would also be considered as matching colors. Other colors like dark navy blues and shades of grey can also get a pass. A solid black polo would be appropriate for the sand camo short. There is a simple way to go about matching camo, go along with any solid print featured in the specific pattern. The trick is to choose color that is the least prevalent in the camo.

 Shirts to wear with Camo Shorts


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Having said all these, what would you do if none of your shirts matches a specific color in your camo short? You do not need to overthink this. Any bright-colored shirt would do. You can go for an orange, navy blue, azure blue or light blue shirt. A darker red or burgundy is also a nice idea, as the color matches with camo shorts. Green, pink or yellow, which would clash with the pattern are also nice if you are bold enough to create a unique look with your outfit. If you are outgoing, you will notice that nobody cares if you match colors or not these days. It is now one of the coolest things in fashion to pair colors that do not match.

 Pairing shoes with camo

You can smarten up the camo look with the right shoe. A pair of brown loafers/slip ons or a darker shade of red is a great summer option if the weather permits. But you can elevate your look a little bit further with the right boot. Just drop the loafers for a combat boot. Combat boots are always a nice option for dressing down. You can always bet on shades of brown to set the right tone whenever you are wearing the military colors. This season, you can go for a Desert boot or rogue style boot with your camo, and you will definitely stand out.

Whatever you choose to do with your camouflage shorts, just remember to take a more grown-up approach to your choices. Choices matter a lot, but confidence matters most. You can look hot and look horrible, with the right outfits.

This whole topic of what to wear with camo shorts may need more explanation than what is here, but the bottom-line is that you can create the right outfit to pair with your cargo shorts when you follow the guidelines laid out here. Interpret fashion according to your rules and you will get a win-win situation all the time. It’s the summer, have some fun with your camo short.

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